David's New York Deli
Deli favorites, made IN-HOUSE with a lot of love...and a little attitude.

David's New York Deli has been family owned and operated for over 30 years.  We had the pleasure of acquiring the deli in June 2013 and are the first family to make our corned beef in-house!  No more lunch meat-style corned beef here!  We only use the best of the best by starting with a Sy Ginsberg corned beef brisket, slow cooking it with a special blend of seasonings and spices, and allowing it to rest properly before slicing it right here at the deli, for your sandwich.  We love what we do, and we hope that it shows in the flavors of your sandwich!

At David's New York Deli, we strive to provide quality sandwiches, salads, and condiments to our wonderful customers, through premium ingredients and homemade recipes, which sets us apart from other sandwich shops.

We make a great deal of our products right here in our Livonia, Michigan shop.  This allows us to make sure that we are providing fresh and tasty items to our favorite people...you, our customers!  We currently make the following items in-house:

Corned beef                     Italian Dressing Dijonaisse Pasta Salad

Grilled chicken breasts      Chipotle Mayo Potato Salad White AlbacoreTuna Salad

Thousand Island dressing  Garlic Mayo            Coleslaw Chicken Salad

Ranch dressing       Avocado Mousse Egg Salad Rice Pudding