We have a some great things to offer you this week at the deli. We have a tasty Tomato Tortellini soup for you, which is as always homemade. We use a tomato base filled with lots of flavor and add cheese filled tortellini to it. Hearty, yet not heavy, and just perfect for this chilly weather.

As a compliment, we have our Chicken Caprese Salad. We start with a base of organic spring mix, and we add fresh diced tomatoes, thin-sliced red onions, crunchy cucumbers and fresh mozzarella. We finish it off with our signature house-marinated grilled chicken breast and add a side of our very own balsamic vinaigrette for you to dress it with. Light yet filling, and absolutely delicious with our Tomato Tortellini soup. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

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