We have got some great offerings for you this week!  We start with our French Onion Soup.  It is cooked low and slow, allowing the onions to caramelize and really develop their sweet flavor.  We add beef stock and seeasonings to make it truly delicious.  Don’t see the cheese?  We didn’t forget it, we just added it in the middle so that it is nice and melt when you dig your spoon into it.

For our special sandwich, we are offering one of our favorites–The Monte Cristo. We start by grilling two slices of cinnamon raisin bread from The Original Miami Bake Shoppe, right here in Livonia.  Then we add thin-sliced Bavarian ham, honey smoked turkey, sharp cheddar & Swiss cheeses.  Finally we dust it with a bit of powdered sugar and finish it with a side of red raspberry preserves.  It is absolutely delicious, and will sell out quickly!

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