Now that Black Friday has passed, and you hit all of the  big box stores, it is the day for the little guys.  You know, the mom and pop shops that make your community what it is.  The place you remember having your first date at, or skipping school for the first time, or the place that your grandma really used to enjoy when you took her to.  They are the places that have your favorite specialties, like corned beef.

We love being part of the Livonia community.  And a Michigan business.  We want to be the place that you bring your kids to and tell them how you remember coming here when you were a kid.  How the faces and prices may change, but the food is always just as good as you remember it.  Small business relies on these relationships, as we just can’t compete in terms of price with those fancy chains.  And today is your day to support us, and support your community;

We are still running our gift certificate special for this Small Business Saturday, so check it out and share a piece of our community with someone you love.  Or you could grab a few !for yourself and use them to come in and visit us!


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